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Can't Fool Me™

Catch 22™

Don't Shoot The Messenger™


Eyecatcher™ Junior Ed.


Loose Ends™

Matter Of Fact™




Soundscape™ Junior Ed.

Stare!™ Family Ed.

Stare!™ Junior Ed.

Up 4 Grabs™

Wacky World™

What's The Link?™

Wishful Thinking™

Wit's End™

Wit's End™ Junior Ed.

Wordplay™ Family Ed.

Wordplay™ For Kids

You'll Never Guess!™

Note: For Soundscape and Soundscape Junior, only a copy of the Scoresheet is available for downloading since the rules for these games are preprinted on the game inserts. Extra scoresheets for other games (where applicable) are included along with their rule sheets. Just click on the icons above. 

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