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LifetimeTV.com "Games That Truly Sparkle":

"If you like testing your noggin with puzzlers...then Wit's End is for you. Players tackle various challenges -questions cover history, arts, pop culture and more. It's a trivia smorgasbord. For example, you may be asked to list hit songs by release dates, or find the meaning of c in E=mc squared. First to reach the center and answer a final question gets crowned brainiac of the bunch. If you are tired of Trivial Pursuit, this is a fresh alternative for you smarty-pants types."

Editorial Review, Games Editor Amazon.com:

"The game is called Wit's End, which is just where you might find yourself when playing this lively contest of lateral, literal, and level-lifting thinking. Players try to reach the summit of the board by answering questions in four categories such as Odd 1 Out, Teaser, Sequence, or the ever-troubling Wild Card--a nerve-jangling catchall for trivia, slang, quotations, and time-limited queries. Wit's End is tougher than most trivia-based games, and it's deceptive, too... Smart and sophisticated, with a soupçon of luck, Wit's End is a game to challenge both great wits and those only halfway there..."

"Current Game Best Sellers", Games Editor, Los Angeles Times:

"Brainiacs who find Trivial Pursuit too easy will delight in this knowledge and trivia-based game, which ups the ante..." 

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