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First, for your convenience, we have answered some common FAQs below...

Common FAQs


Need game instructions?   You can download them by clicking the RULE SHEETS tab on the menu to the left, or visit any Game Page and click the Download Rules Button at the bottom of each page.

Booster Packs/Additional Card Sets:  At this time, we do not offer Booster Packs or Additional Card sets for any of our games.


Game Idea Submissions:  We develop all of our products internally, hence we do not accept/review game idea submissions.  Thank you for your understanding.


Reseller Accounts:   We are not opening any reseller or wholesale accounts for online retail venues.  We appreciate your interest in our brand.

Distributors:   We do not use any distributors and hence will not open any distribution accounts.  All products are sourced directly from our own warehouse.   Thank you for your understanding.


Game Development Group is the rights holder, brand owner, manufacturer and SOLE distributor of all of our trademarked protected products.  

We take action against all suspected intellectual property violations through all channels, including but not limited to: test buys and reporting suspected IP violations for claimed ‘new’ and ‘collectible’ listings.  Please take note, per Amazon policy, no ‘Toy’ category product may be listed as ‘used’, and further note that NONE of our product listings can be considered ‘collectible’ (no rare or unique product runs exist for the current listings). You cannot be assured of the authenticity of our products (whether ‘new’, ‘used’ or ‘collectible’) unless you source the product directly from us. Just because you 'think' a product is authentic does not mean it is. The product must be sourced through us directly in order to ensure AUTHENTICITY. We have a large database of complaints of inauthentic products and parts for all ASINS and are actively monitoring our listings to ensure consumers receive 100% AUTHENTIC products.