SearchQuest For Kids

Kids love looking for things - and SearchQuest For Kids® will have them searching, scribbling, and shouting for more. Everyone gets their own game card for the round, which has three words hidden inside a Letter Grid. The hidden words may be animals, types of food, verbs, objects, or any other everyday words. With the help of tracing paper and a pencil, kids race to become the first to find the hidden words. At the end of the round, they flip the cards over to check their answers. The more words they find, the more spaces they move on the board. There's no waiting around to join the fun, since everyone plays every round. Kids can play against adults, or even on their own. This is a word adventure game they'll love. Includes: game cards, game board, tracing paper pads, pencils, game pieces, instructions. Some parts and colors may vary.

•Ages 7 and Up •For 2 or More Players

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