Let the Good Times Roll! Ready for some real fun? JINX® is the fast-action board game that lets the luck of the dice determine your fate. Race to line up your game pieces in a row on the board. But one roll can change everything. Just when you are getting close to winning – JINX! – you might have to start over again. There is even room for some revenge – the right roll may let you knock an opponent’s piece off the board. With plenty of suspense and surprises, it’s great fun for the whole family. Great for game and party night. Includes game pieces, dice, large game board, instructions. Some parts and colors may vary.

•Ages 10 and Up •For 2-6 Players

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1. Roll the Dice

Players take turns rolling and placing their game pieces on the board's grid. As the board starts to fill up, the suspense builds with each new roll...

2. Twists and Turns

Land on an opponent's game piece and knock it off the board. But land on your own game piece - called a JINX! - and you have to remove all your pieces from the board and start over again - oh no!

3. Winning the Game

The first person to line up three game pieces in a row - vertically, diagonally or horizontally - wins the game. But easier said than done!

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