Can't Fool Me!

CAN'T FOOL ME!® you say? We'll see! Get ready to pit your wits against others in this highly entertaining brain-teasing board game. The gameplay is fast, tricky and challenging. You're given a Keyword & Clue and have to find the Answer. All set? If the Keyword is ‘SUN', and your Clue says ‘Reach for a spoon, not your sunglasses’, be the quickest to shout out SUNDAE. If the Keyword is ‘DRAGON’, and the Clue states ‘No knight ever tried to slay one’, yell out DRAGONFLY. Or try this one: Your Keyword is 'COMFORT' and the Clue is 'Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you this'. Did you guess the Answer: COMFORTER? You get the hang of it. It's great fun for those who like to use their brains. Contains game cards, game board, game pieces, instructions. Some parts and colors may vary.

•Ages 14 and Up •For 2 or More Players/Teams

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Three Simple Steps

1. You're given the Keyword.

2. Then the Clue.

3. Fastest player to say the Answer wins the round.

So think fast, and beat others to the Answer!


Your Keyword is: “GOLD”.

Your Clue:“It isn’t a good sign if you see one upside down”.

Answer: GOLDfish.

Try another:

Your Keyword is “SPEAR”.

Your Clue: “Not thrown, but grown”.

Answer: SPEARmint.

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