What's The Link?

What's The Link?® is the Clue-Solving Board Game of Rapid Reactions. Quick: You have only 10 seconds to solve the Clue and you are in a race against others. Say what comes to mind, but hurry. You may be linking together a phrase, a saying, or the name of something. If you are given the Clue ‘Rush’, say ‘Hour’. If the Clue is ‘Conventional’, say ‘Wisdom’. If the Clue is ‘Suspension’, say ‘Bridge’. You’ll easily get the hang of it, but don't be fooled: it can be very tricky. The Clues are designed to prompt lightning quick responses, so every second counts - don't let an opponent beat you to the answer. The fun is always flowing, as players take turns reading out the Clues on their cards. Includes game cards, timer, pawns, and game board. Some parts and colors may vary.

•Ages 15 and Up •For 2 or More Players/Teams

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