Wishful Thinking

Will you get the answers in time, or is that just WISHFUL THINKING®? Let's see how quickly you make the connections in this fun and challenging board game. You have 60 seconds to figure out the three Mystery Words on the card, which all begin with the same letter. Ready? The Presenter says 'Think of words that start with J' and then gives the first Hint: ‘Voyage’. The answer? JOURNEY. If the next Hint is ‘Shock’, say JOLT. If the final Hint is ‘Extra-large’, say JUMBO. The more you solve, the more spaces you move on the board. There’s a twist: Opponents bet which Mystery Word you’re least likely to guess - so make them regret it! This quick-thinking board game is great fun for party night! Contains: game cards, game board, game timer, game pieces, instructions. Some parts and colors may vary.

•Ages 15 and Up •For 2 or More Players/Teams

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In a Nutshell...

You have 60 seconds to solve the Three Mystery Words. You are told what letter the Mystery Words begin with, and are then given one-word 'Hints' to guide you along. Think fast - there's no time to lose!

How Will You Do?

Will you zoom through and solve all three Mystery Words in time, or strike out altogether? To add to the excitement, your opponents bet which Mystery Word you are least likely to guess - so prove them wrong!

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