Matter Of Fact

Matter Of Fact® provides the perfect Trivia Challenge for those who know a lot - or think they do! Every game card has seven questions for you to answer around a main theme. The more questions you answer correctly, the more spaces you move along the board. Stumble too much and you might even have to move backwards! The Answer Tracker shows how well you’re doing during your turn. All subjects are covered in a variety of fun card formats: from Claim to Fame, Title Twist, All Mixed Up, Before or After, and much more. Questions range from easiest to hardest as you move down the card. How many of the seven questions will you get right: some, most or all? Will you answer more than your opponents during their turn? Whether you play as individuals or as teams, this board game makes a great addition to Game Night. It’s trivia with a whole new twist! Includes game cards, game board, playing pieces, die, and instruction sheet. Some parts and colors may vary.

•Ages 16 and Up •For 2 or More Players/Teams

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Seven Questions To Answer

Cards vary by format (Title Twist, Claim To Fame, etc) and subject area (history, science, popular culture, current affairs, arts, and more). Each card contains seven questions for you to answer around a common theme. Questions typically range from easiest (Questions 1 and 2) to hardest (Questions 6 and 7).

How Will You Do?

You may ace some cards, getting 6 or 7 questions right. Other times, you may get only 3 or 4 questions right. And occasionally, you may stumble completely, getting 1 or 2 questions right - or perhaps even none! The more correct answers you give, the more spaces you move along the board.

Moving Along The Board

There is a Correct Answer Tracker on the board to guide you. A perfect round (7 out of 7) will have you racing ahead 7 spaces. A mediocre performance (3 correct answers) means you move only 1 space. Get no correct answers and you'll actually have to move back 5 spaces - yikes!

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